ArtRencontre is a non-profit association for promotion of education, culture and art.  The word „rencontre“ means encounter and this encounter is the word that in a best way describes and explains the encounter of art, artwork and public.

The main purpose of association is development and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage with main focus on art. Accordingly, the association promotes universal values such as democracy, coexistence, human rights, multicultural society and sustainable development through different models, tools and techniques of it’s goals achievement.  

The activities of association as well as content of association’s publications and website are oriented both, to the general public and institutions specialised in art: artists, museums, galleries, press…

Legacy of painter Slavko Kopac is in focus of interest and activities of association and all actions are conducted with purpose of his affirmation and promotion on international level.

The activities of association could include:

  • Organisation of cultural, educational and artistic events (promotions, concerts, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, lectures…)
  • Preservation and restoration of artworks
  • Support to cultural sustainability tangible and intangible cultural heritage
  • Promotional activities and campaigns (non profit purpose) at national and international level
  • Cooperation and coordination with national and international cultural and art institutions  
  • Affirmation of art through scientific and professional research
  • Publishing activities: books, journals, audio and video materials related with association’s activities
  • Organisation of humanitarian events and initiatives