Birth of Slavko Kopac on 21st August in Vinkovci, in northern Croatia, where he completes his primary and secondary education.

Kopac enrols in the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb and gets his diploma in 1937.

First exhibitions in Croatia.

The French Government awards a study grant to Slavko Kopac. He moves to Paris for one year.

In September Kopac returns to his country and becomes an art teacher at the Mostar grammar school, then at the Zagreb classical grammar school. At the time, he exhibits individually and takes part also in group exhibitions, in particular at the Venice Biennale.

Kopac leaves for a study trip in Italy and settles in Florence, where he stayed until 1948. During that period, he enrols at the Florence University, reading philosophy. This stay in Italy is marked by many group and individual exhibitions, especially in Florence, Turin, Rome, Trieste…
The work from this Italian period is mainly water colours and gouaches.

Kopac leaves Italy to, this time for good, move to Paris.
There, he meets Jean Dubuffet, whom he befriends and works on the establishment of the Art Brut collection and on its publications.
Kopac becomes curator of Art Brut collection until its transfer to Lausanne in 1975.
Simultaneously, Kopac pursues his work of painting, sculpting and ceramics.

Kopac illustrates his friend André Breton’s poem “Au regard des divinités” (In regard to the deities) (published by the author). Target text and illustration by Slavko Kopac, published by the author.

He takes part in the Surrealist almanac of the half-century.
Slavko Kopac expressed himself through multiple techniques and materials. He combines vinyl painting, sand, car tyres, metals and other combined materials with the classical method of oil on canvass or wood.
For his sculptures, he uses ceramics, cement, stone, wood, lava, glass, terracotta and coal.

“The sun sets in the country of elephants” text and illustration by Slavko Kopac, published by the author.

Slavko Kopac gets married in May, he will live at Montmartre with his wife, from this date to his death.

Birth of his only child, Laurent.

He spends the summer in Vence, where he meets Alphonse Chave, then Jean Dubuffet’s friend. That year, Chave organises him his first individual exhibition in his Gallery.
Seduced by this small town of the hinterland of Nice, he will return to it every year to spend his summers.

Works intensely, acrylic painting on canvass, as well as on paper.

Acquisition of a small house in Vence, where Kopac often stays and works.

“Météores” (Meteors), text by his friend Radovan Ivsic and illustration by Slavko Kopac.

A trip to Zagreb with his wife and his son.

Starts experimenting with sculptures made of papier mâché. He will pursue this until the end of 1972.

“Mes très riches heures” (My very rich hours), text and illustrations by Slavko Kopac, published by Pierre Chave.

With Jean Dubuffet, Slavko Kopac organises the shipment of the Art Brut collection to Lausanne. He becomes a member of its Board of Directors and attends its annual meetings.

Kopac arrives in Zagreb, where an important retrospective was organised for him at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Art Centre at La Galerie Paris dedicates a retrospective to Slavko Kopac.

Trip to New York for the printing and signing of Kopac lithographies.

Galerie Alphonse Chave pays homage to Jean Dubuffet. On that occasion, the two painters Kopac and Dubuffet get together for an exhibition of their work.

Another trip to Italy. Kopac gets back to Florence and finds the old friends from his youth.

Kopac goes through a serious surgery. Following a long rest, he slowly returns to his activities.

He makes the stage curtains for the town of Osijek’s theatre (eastern Slavonia). A trip lasting several days, which allows him to return, with great joy, to his native town. Unveiling of the theatre curtain in December.

Long stay in Vence. On the return trip to Paris, tired, he suffers a stroke.

Exhibition at Galerie Alphonse Chave. Kopac becomes a member of the Croatia Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.

Publishing by Pierre Chave of “Chapeau ivre” (Drunken hat), text and illustration by Slavko Kopac.

Slavko Kopac dies in Paris on 23rd November.

Source: Kopac – Association for the Promotion of Arts at the Paris City Hall, 18th April-12th July 1996